There are four major decor elements among many others that can totally change any home interior and take everything to a higher level without doing any renovation work whatsoever or need for hiring an interior designer to do for you. These decor elements make the home look more precious and add visual interest.

Making a home look more precious requires introducing elegant and luxurious elements. These are not necessarily too expensive as you think, but it requires opting for the ones with the best add-on value.

In this article are the best four elements that don't require any renovation works and will make your home look more expensive…with little effort!

01. Add Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is and always will be one of the best and most classy ways to upgrade an interior adding that wow factor. Recessed the lights are great add-ons to have, but its the elegance of a statement pendant light that really makes heads turn and exudes that sense of luxury and refinement.

02. Add a Mirror

A large mirror is a statement piece that can add glamour in a split of a second. It is best placed somewhere where it can reflect light and make space seem larger. In any case, opt for one with a frame that will bring a worldliness to a space, creating a stunning focal point. Be bold and consider adding such mirrors anywhere from an entryway or dining room.

03. Add a Hand-Knotted Rug

Some people believe that Oriental rugs are somewhat old-fashioned looking and not a good fit for a contemporary interior. However, that’s far from true. Hand-knotted Oriental rugs may be indeed costlier, but they are certainly one of the most impressive ways to add subtle sophistication to space. They come in a vast variety of sizes, colours, patterns and designs and therefore, there’s bound to be one that will fit your style best. More importantly, their longevity to hard-wear and the sense of luxury that they add to space, making them a fabulous addition.

04. Add Orignal Artwork

Art. It doesn’t really matter if it’s an oil painting or a black and white gelatine photograph. Art is priceless. It reflects thoughts, emotions and feelings. Art is food for the soul. Therefore, if you really want your interior to stand out, look expensive and well-curated then it’s best to invest in great pieces of original artwork that you like best and are one of a kind.

These four elements, when combined together, will maximize your home’s aesthetic potential. They have the highest decor-value and we guarantee you that they will never fail you.

It's not easy for all people to design her home or even ask an interior designer for help. So Ovvedi had compiled some secrets straight from the professionals to help you with all your decorating needs.

#1 Establish A Color Scheme

The first step is creating your own palette. We know that not all people have a designer eye, so we will give you simple hints that will help you to find the best color palette.

01. Align Your Palette With Color Theory

The theory that certain colors elicit certain emotions from people, often subconsciously. It states that we see blue and feel secure and safe, and when we see orange we feel happy and hungry, amongst other things.

Below we explain what each color specifically means.

02. Build A Palette From Images

Here’s another quick and easy tip to get you started with color palette formation. Find an image that you love and that you feel reflects the mood and sample colors from it.

03. Use the Color Wheel

Need to find some colors that work will together quickly? Let's have a go at using wheel itself to create a few colors palettes that will consistently look good.

Monochromatic Color SchemeComplementary Color Scheme

Analogous Color SchemeTriadic Color Scheme

Ovidi will inspire you with fabulous ideas for a group of the best designers around the world.

A. Turquoise + Marigold

According to designer Anne Hepfer, turquoise and marigold are back in a big way. You can use these colors as accents in your room, or pair them with a deeper, more dramatic hue.

B. Dusty Rose + Charcoal Grey

Even though this trendy muted pink might remind you of your grandmother's bathroom from the 1950s, when paired with the right accessories it becomes current.

C. Lime Green + Pale Pink

The dining room to be a graceful, elegant jewel box that glows in candlelight

In the end, our advice to you come up with a basic color scheme for the whole house and then take that from room to room.