It has been shown that a bright home will look larger and your mood will definitely happier.

Trick #1: Painting It

The first step in brightening any room is to repaint it. Choose white or a similar light color to ensure the light is reflected around the room instead of being absorbed by the walls. You can also add a few pictures to keep the walls from being too plain but don’t completely cover the walls as this will ruin the pale paint effect!

Trick #2: Add Lights

Another easy option is to change your lights. Upgrading the bulbs to LEDs will increase the brightness of the room while reducing your electricity bill! Alternatively, you can change the lights to focus light exactly where you want it. It’s worth noting that wall lights are excellent for brightening a room.

Trick #3: Mirrors

Mirrors have always been effective at boosting the light in any space. A well-positioned mirror can bounce the sunlight coming in the window into the farthest corner of the room. You can then re-bounce this light to another part of the room; magnifying the effect and making your home seem much brighter than it actually is.

Trick #4: Soft Furnishings

The color in your soft furnishings can perfectly complement your mirrors and pale paint. The splash of colors will draw the eye of any visitor. This will make the room feel fun and spacious because the pale colors will make the ceiling seem higher than it actually is.

Trick #5: Windows

You may be tempted to replace the windows and even make the frame larger. This will certainly let more light in but it will also be a costly job. Instead, you can consider the light that is currently coming in the window. If you have drapes are they completely back to maximize the light entering the room? This can make a significant difference in the feel and brightness of the room.

Trick #6: Metallic Effect

The final tip that can make a difference to the light in your room is to add a metallic image to the walls; especially on each side of the existing windows. This will draw the eye and brighten the room through its warm color. You may be surprised by how much difference something so simple can make to the brightness of a room.